Creative Documentary Wedding Photography

My style is very much photographing what actually happens on your wedding day , for me the most important thing is to get you amazing photos that you want but also make sure the day is about you and your family and friends and not posing for staged kissing photos all day.
Couples that tend to book me are generally not that comfortable in front of a camera but want to have a fun wedding day with their family & friends and beautiful wedding photos to go along, thats where my individual & unique style comes in

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So many people commented on how lovely you were too, and my dad said he had a good chat with you about cameras and photography and what a nice guy you are!!

We are so glad we chose you to photograph our wedding, thanks again!

Amber and Theo x

Hi Iain, 

We would just like to say a massive thank you to you!

You were honestly the best photographer we could’ve wished for. The preview photos are beautiful and capture the day perfectly. We can’t wait to see the rest of them when they are ready! 

May 2024

Ceremony : Glasgow University

Reception : Oran Mor

From the mid 90’s my photography has always been more documentary with some creative photography too but even then I preferred the more candid natural style of photography.

I like to take a step back during most of the day, this lets me see images most others miss, these are the details and images that are personal to you

"I don’t want you to be reacting to me all day, I want to capture genuine moments and emotions between both of you reacting to each other "

I will keep you on track during the day though with gentle guidance just to keep you on time so you can make the very most of your day with family and friends.  I never like to have a camera in peoples faces but I won't be hiding in a corner somewhere like a mad stalker either but blend in with people and watch for moments generally when they don't know their photos been taken. I tend to find soon as you point a camera at someone they change, freeze or a look of panic shows!  Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera and this is where my style comes in.

So I won't be up dancing with you or the guests on the dance floor, thats not to say I am not friendly and chatty with everyone, I am always up for a giggle or two.  If I am standing right by your side all day, who captures all these other unique moments that are happening elsewhere.

That little step back on the wedding day has worked for me for 25 years of photographing people, it lets me capture images that others miss ...

“I'll bring my drone to capture something different on your wedding day...

Most of your wedding day is shot documentary style but I also like to do some creative shots of you both too but your wedding day is not a commercial photoshoot so I won’t have you away for hours and doing the same shot over and over...

I'll take you away for 30 minutes and get you lots of stunning images

which means you have more time to spend with family and friends.

Its about blending in and making people comfortable

when your walking around with a camera when people are comfortable and enjoying themselves it makes better photos. I tend to travel lite when I am photographing a wedding, I use a pair of the latest Sony cameras with their silent shutter to capture those moments you don’t notice on the wedding day...

The only time I am really “hands on” is during the group formal photos where I need to call and arrange people in order from a list I’ll request from you before the wedding day and this is something we can chat over at our pre wedding meeting but I won't be barking orders at family and guests to achieve this.

When we meet up to discuss your wedding day I will give you options & there's maybe photos that you would really want like the first look with the father of the bride or Bridesmaids etc. Again its your wedding day, I am more than happy to do these.

Occasionally I work with a second photographer if it’s a really big wedding or logistics requires it. If you have 100 plus guests , while I would be away photographing the formal groups and the Bride & Groom the 2nd photographer would be with your guests

You have to make it as easy and as fun for the couple as possible and with all my experience built up over 25 years I know how to make it an enjoyable experience for you both and capture you naturally when your both having fun and concentrating on each other and not waiting for the next order from the photographer ...your B&G photos are part of your wedding day, I want it to be a fun and an enjoyable experience for you both and not to be "oh god now we are doing photos on our own" feeling.

Less experienced creatives tend to fixate on the final image which of course is important thats what your paying me for but they forget about the impact on the couple, family & guests.

One of the things I always do is look at the wedding from their perspective too, do they really want to see the back of my head all day or blocking the couple during the ceremony ...

It’s your day not the photographers or videographers

You check your ego at the door

When your both having fun it just makes better photos...

To round off your wedding day ...

You'll have the option for a little photo session in the late evening, this doesn't take long to do, 10-15 mins of your time.  It could be an incredible sunset in the summer or some lo light flash in the darkness of winter. These will have a different look and feel to you day photos and can be a lot of fun to do.  Again its just an option, if you want to just stay on the dance floor thats absolutely fine

       ... its your day , I want you both to enjoy it!

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